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Who we are

Protective has provided protection to families for more than 110 years through life insurance,
asset protection and retirement products.

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Our values

Protective’s growth and success can be largely attributed to an ongoing commitment to serving people and doing the right thing — for our employees, distributors, and most importantly, our customers.
Do the right thing
Do what’s right, always. Live with integrity and honesty. Say what you mean, do what you say and stand behind what you do.
Serve people
Have a servant’s heart. Serve by leading people to the right solutions. Always treat others as you would like to be treated. Improve the quality of life for those we serve.
Build trust
Build relationships on trust. Listen. Understand what people need. Care. Earn trust. View each customer as a friend for life.
Simplify everything
Life is complex. Our business shouldn’t be. Tear down the walls of complexity, relentlessly. Use common sense. Communicate clearly. Streamline, clarify and simplify everything we do.
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Our mission

We are Protective. Our mission is in our name. We are going to tear down the barriers that block people from protecting their tomorrow so they can embrace today. This will change lives. This is our purpose. This will be our legacy.
Leadership and board of directors
A strong company begins with strong leaders. Our executive team is committed to upholding the values that have led to our success.
Corporate governance
In keeping with our values, certain guidelines provide the general framework for the governance of Protective Life Corporation.
Family of companies
Our family of companies shares our vision and core values, and all work hard to ensure the financial success of our customers, share owners, distribution partners and employees.
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Learn more about Protective

Protective has three core sites in Birmingham, Cincinnati and St. Louis, along with a robust virtual workforce.
We help employees succeed personally and professionally. The work we do has an impact on millions of lives, and you can be a part of it.
Community involvement
We are committed to improving the quality of life for local communities and collaborating with others in order to create the greatest possible impact.
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Our products

  • Life insurance
  • Retirement annuities
Life insurance
Life insurance from Protective can help provide financial security for your loved ones when they need it most. We offer a wide array of innovative life insurance solutions. 

You may know the importance of life insurance, but have you considered all the ways it can be used or what life events can affect your insurance needs?

We have resources to help, and for some types of insurance, we can give you a free online quote.

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Retirement annuities

You protect your car, your home and even your life with insurance, but are you leaving your retirement income unprotected?


Annuities from Protective may help you grow — and protect — your retirement income.


With potential for tax-deferred growth and a guaranteed income stream, annuities can be important to your retirement objectives. Find out if an annuity may be right for you.

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Still have questions?

For more than 100 years, we’ve helped families protect their financial futures through affordable insurance,
asset protection and retirement solutions.