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Husband and wife sitting on couch drinking coffee and talking about managing their money in their marriage.
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Marriage and money

Learn how you can budget, save for the future, and successfully manage your finances together. Whether you're newlyweds or celebrating 25 years together, the information in these articles is sure to help you plan better - together.
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A mother working on her household budget while her husband and child play in the background.
Marriage and Money

What are payday emergency loans really costing you?

Thankfully, many of us have resources to pull from when we need cash fast. But what happens when the balance of that rainy day fund is depleted? Is getting a payday loan the right thing to do?

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 Man looking lovingly at his fiancee.
Marriage and Money

What is a prenuptial agreement?

A prenuptial agreement may be a consideration for someone entering into a marriage with a good amount of personal or business assets.

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Woman in wheelchair with a young girl on her lap in an open and sunny living space.
Marriage and Money

Your financial plan: Don't forget to protect your income

Discussing the protection side of a financial plan can help you grow your wealth as well as learn about the tools and strategies to protect your assets.

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