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Life Insurance Basics

3 resources for improving your life insurance education

This article provides links to three consumer-friendly resources where you can educate yourself on all things related to life insurance including facts, terms and tools.

If you're shopping for life insurance or simply want to bolster your life insurance education by learning more about life insurance products, then doing some online research can be a great place to start. However, finding quality sources with helpful and objective information on life insurance can be overwhelming.

To help you improve your life insurance education and to better navigate the barrage of facts, terms, tools, and information that's out there, we're giving you links to three consumer friendly resources that can help you better find what it is that you're looking for.

Protective Life Learning Center

The Protective Life Learning Center is a virtual library of helpful, easy to read online articles and videos for everything life insurance related. It's essentially a one stop life insurance education hub. Here, you'll find information on life insurance basics, as well as detailed information on topics such as life insurance policy riders, preparing for your life insurance medical exam, and budgeting for life insurance. By providing you with quality information, Protective hopes that you'll make informed and educated decisions when it comes to selecting a life insurance policy.

Life Happens

Life Happens is a nonprofit organization with a mission to inspire the public to take personal financial responsibility through the ownership of life insurance and related products. Founded in 1994, this organization recognized that there was a need to better educate consumers about important insurance topics. Here, you'll find information on life insurance basics, as well as a blog that contains a wide variety of topics.

The Insurance Information Institute

The Insurance Information Institute (III) is a good resource for just about everything life insurance related, as well as other lines of insurance. The institute's objective is to improve the general public's understanding of insurance, by presenting information on what insurance is and how it works. By clicking on the life insurance tab, you'll be able to quickly navigate your way through many different topics to improve your overall life insurance education.

We hope these links are helpful in sharpening your life insurance know-how. Now you can be prepared and make effective decisions for yourself and your future.




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